Questions (Transfer Students)

Question:  I am currently at the 130 wpm speed level.  I am thinking of       transferring to your school.  What do I need to do?

Answer:  We encourage all transfer students to come and sit in our speed classes.  Bring your machine with you.  You can sit in the classes for one week FREE.  Please go to Room C12 and check in between 7:30-8:00 a.m. M-F.  You can see how much dictation/tests Downey CSR offers.

If you decide to transfer to DAS, you will need a sealed transcript from your school within the first month.

Question:  Can I transfer to your program in the middle of a                         semester?

Answer:  Yes, we have open-entry.  You do not need to wait until the          beginning of the semester.  You can transfer at any time.  We will pro-rate your enrollment fees.

Question:  Where is Downey CSR located?

Answer:  Downey CSR is located at Downey Adult School.  Our                    address is 12340 Woodruff Avenue, Downey, CA  90241.  We are right off the 105 and 605 freeways.  If you take the 605 freeway, exit on Imperial Highway.  We are on the corner of Imperial Highway and Woodruff Avenue.  Go to Room C-11 and check in.  Our hours are Monday through Friday 7:00-5:00.

Question:  How much does it cost to attend your Court Reporting                 Program?

Answer:  Fees are $999 per trimester.  Students pay three times per year - Sept/Jan/April trimesters.  Academic classes are $199.  The average student pays $3500 per year.

Question:  Why are your fees so low compared to some court reporting       schools?

Answer:  Downey CSR is part of Downey Unified School District.  Because our school is a public school and receives state funds, we are able to keep our fees very affordable.

Question:  Is your school an approved school?

Answer:  Yes!  Downey’s CSR Program has been an approved program by the CSR Board since 1975.  DAS is also approved by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).  We are also approved by Council on Occupational Education (COE).

To work as a court reporter in California, you must pass the CSR exam to receive your license.  In order to take the CSR exam, you must attend a CSR Board approved school in California.   

Question:  I was told that it is better to attend a school/program that is NCRA approved.  Can I still get my license through your school even if you are not NCRA approved?

Answer:  Yes!  NCRA is a great association, but it is a national organization.   We encourage all of our students to be members of all associations, including National Court Reporters Association.   To work in California, you must pass the CSR examination, not the RPR examination which is a test that is given by NCRA.  We encourage all of our students to take the RPR examination at some point,  but we focus mainly on the CSR examination.  Anyone can take the RPR examination.

Question:  What is your school's CSR pass rate?

Answer:  You can check the pass rate on all of the court reporting              schools in California by going to -

Question:  Does your school also offer the academic classes that I need for Court Reporting?

Answer:  Yes.  We offer all academic classes either online or on campus.  If a specific class that you need is not being offered at the time, we can give you online alternatives in order to fulfill that class.

Question:  I took all of my academics at another court reporting school in California.  Would I be able to transfer all of them to  DAS Court Reporting?

Answer:  Yes!  You must get a sealed transcript from your school listing all of your classes.

Question:  What CAT software does your school use?

Answer:  Downey CSR has a computer lab with 30 computers.  All of the computers have CASE CATalyst.  

Question:  Do you offer a real time class?

Answer:  In order to Qualify to take the CSR exam, all students must take a Beginning CASE software class and Advanced CASE software class.  The class is taught by Stenograph trainer, Sandi Starbuck.  Each student must have a laptop and software in order to take the class. 

Question:  What other practice tools does your CSR lab have in it?

Answer:  Besides the two CAT softwares, we also have the new Stenograph Accelerators on all of our computers.  We have an extensive selection of speed building DVDs to watch/listen and we have speed building tapes.

Question:  Is there an extra charge to use the CSR Lab and how long is the CSR Lab open?

Answer:  No extra charge!  Our CSR Lab is free to all court reporting students.  The lab is open from 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Question:  Does your school offer Financial Aid?

Answer:  Yes!  DAS offers Pell Grants.  Students will need fill out the free FAFSA application.  You can get more info on financial aid from our web site.

Question:  I have been at a private school for the past two years and I am only at 160 wpm.  I have $45,000 in loans already!  If I transfer to your school, do I have to start paying back those loans or can I get my loans deferred?

Answer:  No, you do not have to start paying them back.  Since DAS is an approved court reporting school, we can help you do the paperwork to get your loan(s) deferred.

Question:  I was checking out various court reporting programs.  I was told that if I enrolled at another school, they could get me through their program MUCH faster than your program?

Answer:  Be careful!!!  Court Reporting schools cannot tell you how long it will take you.  The average student takes four years to complete a Court Reporting program.  It is up to each individual.  If a student moves faster than the average, we help them progress.  Attending a Court Reporting program is not easy.  It is a lot of work. All students progress at a different pace.

Question:  What kind of experience do your teachers have?

Answer:  All of the Downey Unified School District teachers must have a teaching credential issued by the State of California.  Our CSR teachers also have Bachelor Degrees, Associate Degrees and/or CSR licenses.

Question:  Is your school in session year-round?

Answer:  Yes, our school is in session year-round.  We do have a few breaks though.  We take one week Spring break, two weeks at the end of August, and two weeks during the end of December.

Question:  How many Qualifiers do you give per week?

Answer:  Downey CSR gives five Qualifiers per week year-round. 

Question:  How many speed tests do your students get every week?

Answer:  We give speed tests every hour at each of the speed levels from 8:00-1:00 daily.  
Question:  I am at 80 wpm at my current school.  If I transfer to your school, what speed class will I have to go to?

Answer:  You will be placed in the same speed class that you were in at your previous school unless you choose to drop down in speed.

Question:  Do you have a lab to practice in?

Answer:  DAS Court Reporting has a state of the art lab equipped with 32 computers, laser printers, televisions, tape players, headsets, practice DVDs, speed tapes, videos, cassette tapes, etc.  Computers have CASE and Eclipse real time software on them.  The lab is free for all CSR students.

Question:  Can I bring my laptop and type my tests using my software?

Answer:  DAS strongly encourages the CSR students to bring their own laptop and use their software to transcribe.  We will configure your laptop to use DAS wireless.  We have CASE Catalyst available through the wireless network as well.  Once your laptop is configured, you can print everything wireless.

Question:  What speed tests do you require your students to pass and at what error allowance?

Answer:  We follow the CSR Board state test - 4V & 2V - 97.5% accuracy.  The JC & Lit tests are 95%.  You can see our speed test requirements by clicking here.

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